Who makes Harbor Breeze Ceiling Fans?

Harbor Breeze fans are manufactured by a company known as Litex Industries. Litex is based in Texas. At the time of this writing, their website is currently under construction – likely being re-developed. Litex is an importer and manufacturer of a number of different ceiling fan brands. Litex also produces lighting as well. In order to tell that a lighting product is produced by Litex, you can look for a simple X on the lighting kit or on the fan blades.

Litex has an exclusive relationship with a certain retailer – this means you’ll find Litex ceiling fans in this retail chain, but not other store chains. Litex is known for their energy efficient fan motors.

Where can I find contact details for Litex fan company?

At this time, since the Litex fans website is being updated / re-developed, we’re not able to find this information to provide it. If you are able to locate it, please do let us know the contact details for Litex so we may post it to our website! We would love to hear from you.

Is Litex a good quality fan manufacturer?

We would like to say so, yes. One way to look at it is that Litex does manufacture Harbor Breeze fans – so if it wasn’t for them, Harbor Breeze fans wouldn’t be available!




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  1. Greetings I’m looking for 52″ crosswind model # 40093, 40091, 4092, cause I’ve got two that is quiet and moves air, and I want one more, couldn’t find them in any store’s, I’ve bought two from Lowes, could you help me on this, Thank You for your support.

  2. I purchased a Harbor Breeze Echolake Outdoor Ceiling fan a few months ago. A wind storm twists a blade arm and broke off. I have tried to get a replacement to fit my fan with no success. I like the fan but service is apparently impossible. Yes, I can purchase a arm but it is the wrong size. I need the arm that fits Model#42080. I tried Lowes with no help!

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