Obtaining support from Habor Breeze Customer Support

Harbor Breeze is distributed by Lowe’s. They import the fans from China. If you do some research online on community forums, you’ll find this echoed and discussed in most places. [AdSense-A]

People who are familiar with Ceiling Fans may sometimes tell you to buy from a dealer, instead of buying a house brand like Harbor Breeze. This is a recurring theme online if you read information and posts from ceiling fan enthusiasts. This is because at times, it can become downright difficult to obtain replacement parts from Harbor Breeze.

Thankfully, there is a 1-800 number that you can call for support.

Lowe’s customer support phone for Harbor Breeze: 1.800.643.0067

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We get inquiries from site visitors all the time, asking for help for the phone number for Harbor Breeze support. We have the phone number posted on this page. Did you find that this phone number helped you to find support for your Harbor Breeze fan? Post a comment and let us know.

Hours of Operation:

Monday to Saturday
7 am to 1 am EST
Sunday 10 am to 9 pm EST

4 thoughts on “Obtaining support from Habor Breeze Customer Support

  1. We did recently be a light kit cap in our fan? This app is the cap that you use when you don’t want to use the light kit.

    Is it possible for us to het one for Cooperstown in a brushed nickel finish?

  2. I just purchased two Harbor Breeze Merrimack outdoor ceiling fans with a light kit for my patio.
    I thought two 52 inch fans would be enough, but apparently, it’s not.
    Before I replace the fans with something bigger, is there a way to increase the fan blades either by attachment or replacement in order to generate more wind?

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