Introduction to Harbor Breeze Ceiling Fans

Hello and welcome to the Harbor Breeze Ceiling Fan Resource Website. We endeavor to build this website to be helpful, and offer troubleshooting and other useful information. We also have a much larger master website, which has long troubleshooting guides and other information. This also includes ceiling fan parts for Harbor Breeze fans, manuals and downloadable PDFs.


Many parts for Harbor Breeze fans can be found at Lowe’s. Lowe’s is the only retail outlet that sells Harbor Breeze. The fans are imported from China. We list a 1-800 number on the site that you can call for help or support when you need it.

Lowe’s customer support 1-800 has specific hours that it can be reached during the week. Another good place to obtain support is the Home Depot community forums.

Installation instructions are also included here on the Resource Website. Installation of a Harbor Breeze Ceiling Fan generally does not take very long – usually no more than an hour. If you’re good at it, it could take you only a half hour. Not bad, right?

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