Harbor Breeze Replacement Blade Arms

What is a blade arm? Well, that’s a fair question. A blade arm is what holds the blade onto the ceiling fan. In-between the fan blade and the fan, is the blade arm. The blade arm is like a fastener that holds the fan blade in place. If the fan blade gets loose or damaged, it is possible that a fan blade can come flying off, injuring someone in your home (or even you). A recent recall on the Santa Ana fan outlined this problem – there were many complaints that the fan blades would fly off. Upon further investigation, the manufacturer found it to be faulty blade arms and has since issued a recall.

If you notice that a fan appears wobbly, or a fan blade appears to be not in alignment with the rest of the fan blades or the fan, you should stop the rotation and investigate. Typically, fan blades aren’t difficult to disassemble from the rest of the fan. Of course, when you disassemble a fan blade holder or arm, it’s likely that you need to remove the blade holder and the blade completely from the fan itself. Again, usually it’s not a large task. You can complete this kind of operation with simple screwdrivers.

Below we have listed some replacement blade arms that you can purchase as needed. You’ll have to line up the decor – you don’t want to buy blade arms that aren’t the same as your existing blade arms, because that’ll look weird, right?