Harbor Breeze Support

It may sound like a trivial statement, but the first step in diagnosing a fan problem is to understand what the problem is. A common issue as it relates to ceiling fans is a humming, or whirring noise. If you have a humming noise, it could be that one of the fan blades is out of alignment with the others. This could be caused by an accumulation of dirt on top of the fan blades over the years, which eventually warps one of the fan blades just enough to create a “whirring” or humming noise.

If you have a whirring sound or humming noise coming from the fan, check to see if the blades are warped. You can do this by using a measuring tape and measuring the distance from each fan blade to the ceiling. All of the fan blades should be the exact same distance from the ceiling. If one appears to be an inch or two more, then it’s out of place.

You can correct blades that are unbalanced by using a blade balancing kit. One of these kits may also help you to figure out which blade is having a problem, too. Try visiting a local Home Depot or Lowe’s and ask them for a blade balancing kit.

Other troubleshooting issues can be related to wiring, remote controls, light kits and other issues.

Troubleshooting Harbor Breeze Remote Controls

  • Troubleshooting a remote control is one of the most common issues as it related to owning a Harbor Breeze ceiling fan. There are a few basic troubleshooting steps to try first,
  • Make sure the batteries are fresh. Even if you just replaced them a week ago, buy new ones and try them.
  • Are there any programming instructions that came with the remote? Is there any reset button? Open up the back and look where the batteries go in. Is there a reset button there?
  • If there is no programming, check the dipswitches. There would be a dipswitch in the remote and one in the fan