Harbor Breeze Light Kits

Adding on a Harbor Breeze Light Kit to an existing fan adds both beauty and functionality to the fan. The most common reason for adding al ight kit, is to add light to the room. This beats having to pickup a separate lamp. Because the ceiling fan has a great vantage point on the ceiling, it provides better light than a table lamp or floor lamp in many cases. When choosing a light kit, you can choose different lamp shades that go along with.

If the bulb or shade is damaged, you’ll need to replace your light kit. The light kit can vary in shape and size. Harbor Breeze light kits start at just $25. These low cost, entry level kits are very affordable. The white matte finish is the most common finish. Browsing an online catalog, you will be able to find a wide variety of different light kits available.

If you want to find the direct replacement to your existing light kit, you may need the part number. You can find the part number on the light kit itself, or by looking in the manual that came with the fan. The other thing you can also do is reach out to Lowe’s customer support. They will be able to provide help in terms of finding replacement parts.

Harbor Breeze Light Kits are easy to install. With this ease of installation and low price points, Harbor Breeze light kits are certainly affordable and replaceable as required. Also, if you have a fan without a light kit, you can add on a light kif if your fan is light kit adaptable. Checking the instructions that came with the fan will tell you if the fan is light kit adaptable or not. It may even mention what Harbor Breeze light kits are preferable with the fan you own.