Harbor Breeze Ceiling Fan Remotes

A remote is one of the most sought after replacement parts. We’re not just talking about Harbor Breeze remotes either, but remotes in general. They’re easy to lose, and they also just stop working sometimes. However, if you are having a remote problem, you should go through all of the troubleshooting first.

The troubleshooting includes the following:

  • Checking the batteries – most common problem and first thing to check
  • Checking to make sure the dip switches on the remote are also lined up with the same dipswitch pattern as the fan. Dipswitches are how the fan and remote are set to communicate on the same frequency.
  • Did you check the instructions that came with your fan to determine if there is any other special programming required?

A remote generally has three speed settings, and two directions: reverse and forward. These are basic commonalities that apply to most fans and remotes. This also applies to wall remotes as well; the same basic functions govern all of these remotes.

Harbor Breeze Ceiling Fan Remote
Here’s a replacement Harbor Breeze remote that you can use if you have lost your remote, or if troubleshooting your remote has not worked out.

To operate the dimmer on the remote, just hold down the light button. The light kit will dim up or down. Depending on which remote you have, there may be a reset button within the remote. If you are having problems, or it’s a new fan, turn the power on and press the reset button. Hold it down until the light comes on and the fan goes to medium speed.

If you have multiple fans, it’s possible they can develop a conflict with the remote. You may need to reprogram each fan, until the conflict is removed.